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Our offer

This site offers users access to an API for the single purpose of handling torrent downloads easily and securely. The API currently comes with a free allowance of data credit per user, which is topped up automatically at a steady rate. We reserve the right to charge for top-ups later.

Your personal data

We do not keep any logs on our servers and our webservers are hosted in secure offshore locations. We are are committed to ignore DMCA requests, as are all our relevant vicarious agents. When you sign up for an account, we commit not to save any given information unencrypted. You may give an e-mail address, but it is not required. We only use it as a secondary criterium for password recovery. We do link your requested torrents to your account however, and therefore strongly suggest you adhere to our rules.

Our rules

You may use our service to your liking so long as you do not use it to download and spread prohibited content. If you do so, we may immediately close your account, void your data credit and delete all your torrents without any warning. Prohibited content The following content types are absolutely prohibited:
  • Terrorist or terrorist-related content
  • Anything associated with malware distribution
  • Any content that promotes violence or hatred towards a specific race, ethnicity or group
  • Underage nudity