Anonymous Safe Torrents for everyone

currently also free (although we're happy about donations!)

If you ever wondered how to easily access the world of BitTorrent, but found it too complicated, too risky or too cumbersome, you’ve come to the right place. At SwissTorrent we have one simple promise:

100% anonymous safe torrents made really easy and with no strings attached.

We created a simple and easy to use REST API that you can integrate into almost any service of your own, completely independent of what platform you use. This site is also just a wrapper for the API. We call it "anonymous safe torrents as a service". To use it, sign up is required.

Since we’re new here and we’re just psyched that you’ve made it to our site, we’re offering our service completely free of charge. If you like us, tell your friends about us. And of course we won’t mind donations to keep this service up and running for a long time.

We don’t log or save anything you do. We don’t log your IP, we don’t even save your username or email (or password of course) in any way that we can ever recover. We don’t know which torrents you’re downloading. This service is guaranteed 100% anonymous and safe. So please, enjoy yourself while you’re here.

If you you’re not so much into coding or just don’t have the time to build your own solution and you just wanna check out what cool stuff you can do with our API in action, you can use this website as a simple client to upload magnet links and to receive a download once the torrent download process has completed. For that, just head over and sign up to set yourself up with a fresh account.


Check out the API documentation. Mind you to use the API a valid user is required. Sign up for that right here.


Having trouble using our service?

Well we’re so anonymous we don’t have an FAQ. Because for that we would need to keep a record which questions are frequently asked. OK that goes a bit far. Anyway. We don’t have an FAQ.

What we do have is a contact email address: [email protected]

We have no idea who you are, so please describe your problem in full, attach logs if you have some and be sure not to include any personal information, or even your username or API key.


Good to have you here!

Since we’re just starting out, our partner program is simple really: If you build an app, website, etc … based on our API, submit a link to it via email to this email address:

[email protected]

If we like it and it’s stable, we’ll feature you on this site.

About us

Our team is headed by Buzz and Woody who may or may not be childhood friends. We enjoy coding, anonymous torrents and like beer. The rest is left to your imagination, because it’s not just you who is anonymous here, it’s us as well.

If you like what we are doing, it would be great to receive a small donation though. We’d really appreciate it, all this hard work and all going into this project.